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Government investment in WiFi across the public libraries network has ensured WiFi is now available to all public library users.

Digital inclusion is recognised by the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) as one of their key Universal Offers essential to achieve a 21st Century library service. It’s importance is also recognised by the government’s Libraries Taskforce in their Libraries Deliver ambition document.

14,000 members of public library staff in England have improved their digital skills following the national implementation of an online digital champion training programme, designed and developed by Tinder Foundation, funded by the Arts Council England, and managed by SCL.

In 2015-16, Tinder Foundation has awarded around £316,250 to 46 library services across England, to engage and support more than 13,000 people to develop their digital skills.

Libraries have always helped to connect everyone in society with information and education. These days, that means digital channels are as important as books and publications. For those in our communities without digital skills, there is a new role for libraries to support digital inclusion - through both access to digital information and digital skills development.

Tinder Foundation is the biggest digital inclusion organisation in the UK, and the organisation behind the UK online centres network. We work with our centre partners - including 3,000 Library Online Centres - to deliver digital skills to the people who need them most.

Libraries already play a significant role in signposting to information and services, and increasingly in facilitating the use of online systems and transactions. We believe libraries are key in reaching the very hardest to reach communities. As long established, trusted and safe spaces, libraries are uniquely placed to support some of the most vulnerable people in society. The network of branch libraries provides hyper-local spaces to engage with communities and people who won’t or can’t travel further afield.

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