Ofcom UK fixed broadband map 2013

Ever wondered how your area fares against the rest of the UK in regards to broadband availability and speed? Ever wondered how many people are using broadband in your area? Ofcom have produced a map that answers these questions. Do take a look at the latest figures - you might be surprised!

Learn My Way

On Learn My Way you'll find lots of handy tips and advice for getting connected in the comfort of your own home. Have a look at the Set-up Essentials Tool to learn about different types of internet connections, or even the Broadband, digital TV and home phone comparison service to find out which provider is right for you.


We want to get you the best possible deal so you’re not breaking the bank to bring technology into your home. We have a partnership with Computer Aid which allows you to purchase tablets and computers at low prices.


West Harton Churches Action Station is a UK online centre in South Tyneside who run an IT recycling scheme. Please do have a look at the document here to see how the scheme works and to find out about the good they are doing in their community.

Broadband postcode checker

If you don't currently have broadband at home but would like to, you might find the Broadband postcode checker from uSwitch very handy! It compares broadband deals and speeds in your area and lets you know what's available.