6.5 million in the UK people provide unpaid care.

8 out of 10 carers have felt lonely or isolated as a result of their caring responsibilities.

61% don’t have time to participate in social activities and 45% can’t afford to participate in social activities.

Carers have lower health and wellbeing compared to the national average.

97% of carers don’t currently receive support with computers and the internet, yet 19% feel they would benefit from some support.

These statistics, which highlight some the additional barriers to digital inclusion faced by carers and the reasons why digital skills could make a real difference to their lives. The Specialist Carers Network was created in response to a these barriers and challenges.

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The network offers the specialist help and support that carers need to take advantage of the benefits the online world can offer. If you're part of the Specialist Carers Network or you know anyone who works in the care sector, please do use these pages to see some useful information and guidance.

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