Heeley Development Trust volunteers

The 5000 UK online centres are run with the help of an army of more than 15,000 volunteers. If you're a UK online centre, recruiting volunteers could help you extend your work with extra classes or outreach sessions, bring specific expertise you don't have in-house, and ease the pressures on other staff.

How could volunteers help my centre?

Using volunteers could help your centre do more of what you do best. Although having an extra pair of hands to offer one-to-one support in your classes might be useful, volunteers don't always have to be showing people how to use computers and they don't necessarily need to be committed to several months worth of work at the same time and place every week.

Community How To

Looking for digital tools to help you recruit and manage volunteers? Community How To could be the answer...

Volunteers could help out on one-off occasions like events, making teas and coffees on the day or even handing out leaflets and putting up posters around the community. Local volunteers could even help you set up and run outreach sessions in their communities, for instance in care homes or housing estates.

Recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers can be hard work, but we've got a whole host of resources in this section to help you make the most of volunteers in your delivery.

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