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Learn My Way is the online learning website provided by Tinder Foundation for UK online centres learners, and it's designed to make getting online easy. It’s perfect for those without basic online skills, or for those looking to improve their existing digital knowledge. The website comprises a series of free online courses, guides and activities, tailored to the individual user based on their needs and abilities.

Learn My Way courses are combined into personalised packages to help guide learners through the site in a way that’s logical and easy to follow.

  • The Get Ready section helps with literacy and numeracy, in order to build the skills and confidence people might require before going onto the internet.

  • The Get Started section covers all the basics, things like using a mouse and a keyboard. Even switching a device on!

  • Following that, the Learn More section will help make confident internet users, showing learners how to look and apply for work online, use government services online or shop online.

  • Finally, the What Next? section provides the platform for learners to advance their knowledge and explore the internet themselves, from information on family history and healthier eating to buying the right new device or getting broadband at home.

Alternatively learners can choose a package based on their interests and needs - staying healthy, jobs and skills, managing money, keeping in touch and more!

The site is full of lots of other great features too. It allows users to track their learning so they can check their progress, while UK online centres can access detailed Management Information to see how many of their learners are completing courses, and which ones.

The content on Learn My Way is always updating and growing in order to reflect what’s happening in the real world - providing internet beginners with even more of what they need to enjoy a lasting online life.

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“Learn my way covers all the basics and more. It’s really useful to be able to go back to courses or individual modules to check something I’m not sure of remind me of something I’ve forgotten. I’d never be doing what I do online without it.”
Pat Bennett, Learn My Way learner, Saltburn