English My Way learners

English My Way is an online learning platform from Tinder Foundation, helping UK online centres who provide ESOL support to learners within their communities.

There are two ways to use English My Way - either by dipping in and choosing the topics learners will most benefit from or by engaging in the structured 24 week blended learning course, designed to take learners with little or no English speaking skills to a stage where they can more easily integrate with their local communities.

English My Way has been created by Tinder Foundation in partnership with BBC Learning English and the British Council, to create useful and engaging content, relevant to real-life situations in learners’ lives.

Visit English My Way English My Way toolkit

The English My Way programme is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government through the Community-based English language competition.

“Taking an ESOL course to improve my English has made a big difference to me. It helped me make friends, take better care of my health and try new things, like sewing classes, computer courses and more. I feel more confident than I ever have before.”
Reeta Tanna, Leicester