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In the next week, some big changes will come to both the Tinder Foundation and UK online centres websites, and to the identity of both brands.

We'll be making an announcement at our Digital Evolution conference this Thursday, 24 November, but we want to make sure you’re not too surprised when you visit our websites from Thursday onwards.

If you can’t make the conference, keep an eye on the hashtag #digievol16 and visit the websites on Thursday for the big reveal.

Part of the changes will be brand new websites for both Tinder Foundation and UK online centres, which we think will help us better tell the story about the work we do using digital to address social challenges, and the impact we have, working together.

We also believe the new network website will be a huge improvement, helping you find all the information, resources and support you need in a way that’s clearer and easier than ever before, so you can keep doing amazing work.

Having said that, the websites will also be ever changing things, and we’ll rely on your feedback to keep improving them, so please do tell us what you like, what you don’t and what’s missing.

There'll be more information on the reasons behind these changes later this week, but you - the network of centres working so hard to address social challenges in communities across the UK - remain essential to Tinder Foundation’s vision and strategy you remain.